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Dialog brings the story of our struggles, as we learn to win it every day in this beautiful dream called Mumbai! Dialog has won multiple awards, screenings, and selections, distribution deals at various festivals around the globe. Dialog presents an intriguing communication through the soul of the streets and the tireless workforce of the city of Mumbai. It is pure music at its best, the heckles, rants, and spats of the street vendors form the lyrics of the soundtrack. And, the instruments and beats are composed out of close recording samples of the various tools that these workers use. Their perseverance beats the uncertainties that their lives entail. Their relentless zeal never lets the city sleep. In the end, these voices are drowned in the multitudes of hopes with which a wave of newer folk arrives in the city. The fluidity of the music percolates through the visuals of the musical film. Like the existential ebbs and tides of our crisis, the visuals never settle and keeps on surprising you until it haunts like a 'lore! The film draws inspiration from the famous words of Plato: "Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul". Dialog has been awarded at various film festivals around the world. Trivia: no instruments were used in the making of this film. The soundtrack is raw music at its best.

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