Every body is suffering from novel pandemic COVID-19 across the globe and country like India is also has a deep impact of it and every single citizen is affected terribly. We have countless religions in our country and each individual follows his duties towards his religion rigourously. When we talk about human beings, they are always in dilemma to choose between good and bad notions. During this lockdown, all the religious Temples, Mosques and Gurdwaras are shut down. But the character of this story has a negative impact on his mind, he tries to violate the rules of lockdown & physical distancing imposed by government and therefore he made his mind to visit Mosque to offer NAMAZ. Suddenly a 7 year old little girl thwarts and says 'we need you and not corona', by hearing this discourse, he acknowledged and realized that the girl tries to convince him. By this he understood that even god is telling him 'My worship can be done wholeheartedly' just like we know that even kids are human form of god & therefore in this way he reads NAMAZ at his home, so that he offers his worship and on the other side he doesn't violate the rules imposed by government of the country. In this way he turns himself towards good deeds.

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