As the name can spell out, the film is a comment upon the contagious sickness that has pervaded the broadcast media today. It wants to be a comment on that particular strain of journalism which is losing its meaning with every passing day. The same is becoming evident in the lack of examination of several issues of pressing concern, those that include bigotry, communal disharmony and an environment of anti-intellectualism. The film traces the episode of a news editor, Amit Chaudary, a character marked by his awareness of his caste privilege, who interviews Ratan Rangeela, a ‘viral’ social media “star”. The interview turns part-comedy, part-satire, as every inflammatory provocation instigated by the reporter is flipped by the (in)famous man. The man starts cross-questioning the reporter instead, revealing how removed he is from the reality outside of his insulated, privileged chambers. The film also debunks the myth formulated by corporate media about the degrading public taste which demands sensational news.

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